How it all started

Today, I have a one inch scar on my right foot from my first attempt at staging. A young girl of just five years old, I had an idea of separating my bunk beds into two twin beds and placing them in an L formation in the bedroom I shared with my younger sister, Bonnie. I was amazed at the transformation of our bedroom! The bunk beds made our room seem dark and crowded. Separating the beds gave a lighter feel and seemingly more mature setting.

At an early age I loved the transformation of changing an interior environment into something that felt lighter, more peaceful, yet energizing. I have found in staging homes a transformative process for visually exhibiting ideas and experiences. When you walk into a Studio Pierre staged home your shoulders will relax, your breathing will calm, and your mental state will spark the life you envision in an exceptionally beautifully staged home.

So how did I get that scar on my right foot? When I went to separate the side bars of the bunk beds, they were too heavy for me to lift with my small, still growing, arms. One of the side bars crashed down with the sharp ends cutting into my right foot. I had an awful blue raised bruise that lasted a while. And I still get some bruises today from staging but transforming a home – I find it is so worth it!

About the Owner

Roseanne Pierre understands the importance of strategic business planning to offer her staging clients the highest possible return on their real estate investment and the fewest number of days on the market. Roseanne has traveled the world and is inspired by global interior design and architecture. Touring the spaces of Africa, Asia, South America, Australia, and Europe has brought an international fusion to her staging and interior design projects. A West Coast native, she now applies a sophisticated California aesthetic to her work.

Roseanne also appreciates the financial elements of staging property and has professional experience across a range of institutions, from the Business Section of The New York Times to financial firms Charles Schwab & Co. and Robert W. Baird & Co. She is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, earning a BA in Political Science and Psychology as well as an MA in Liberal Arts.

She is also a leader in her local community, serving on the Pacific Repertory Theatre Board of Directors in Carmel by the Sea, the Monterey Museum of Art Event and Planning Committee, and the Santa Catalina School Parent Association. When not traveling overseas or working passionately on a staging project, Roseanne enjoys time with her husband and three children, playing tennis, fly fishing and snow skiing.

Every home is someone’s dream home, and staging minimizes any perceived negatives and maximizes the perceived positives.